Estacion Las Tortugas


The PayPal donation link at the top of every page directs donation through EcoTeach Foundation which is a 501c3 non-profit corporation and makes donations tax deductible.

The station has a constant need form many supplies. A partial list includes:


• Boxes of Latex Gloves

• AA and AAA high quality Batteries

• AA Battery Solar chargers

• Sets of single bed sheets, towels, and pillow cases

• Basic Writing Materials (erasers, reams of white paper, scissors, notebooks)

• Reams of Waterproof Copy Paper from Forestry Suppliers

• West Marine Communication Radios ($200 call us for model)

• Water proof backpacks


Delivering donations to the station is complicated. Over an hours drive from a main road, transfer to boat, travel up canals and carry by hand to the buildings. Cash donations made through the EcoTeach Foundation are  tax deductible. THe foundation works with EcoTeach Travel to dleiver donation with incoming student groups between March and July. Most items are more easily purchased in Costa Rica these days as bagage costs with most airlines have become prohibitive.

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